Little Tiger Class (Age 3 to 5)

What Makes Little Tigers Special?

We are Responsible!

We are Respectful!

We Follow the rules!

By doing all of these things it will help us to:

-. Gain an "I can do it" attitude

-. Improve behavior at home and school.

-. Listen better.

-. Become stronger.

Children Classes (Age 6 to 13)

Tae Kwon Do builds healthy kids, improving their physical coordination and self confidence in a positive atmosphere.

-. Respect, Focus and improve self-discipline for better behavior at home.

-. Improve Strength, Coordination and athletic abilities.

-. Learn Self Defense

Adult Classes

-. Improve your Fitness Level

-. Increase your own self confidence

-. Reduce Stress

-. Sharpen your Mental Awareness

Family Classes

Keep Your Family Strong!

Our Taekwondo family classes will provide you with a great opportunity for you to teach your children by example. From both of your efforts, you’ll give your child the gift of: Positive Attitude, Self confidence, Self-defense, Respect others

You’ll Benefit Also!

At the same time your child is gaining so much, you too will:

  • Improve Your Fitness Level

  • Reduce Stress

  • Increase Your Own Self Condifence

  • Sharpen Your Mental Awareness

While you set an example, participating in our classes by your child’s side, you’ll both see improvement in your lives — and come to love our program as well!

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